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Friday, July 26, 2013

Cornbury Festival 2013

So I got myself a free ticket to Cornbury... I say free, I actually worked rather hard for it! 

I worked on a vintage stall raising money for Helen and Douglas House. H&D provide hospice and palliative care to children and young adults, for more info visit

I worked the Friday and Saturday; I sold lots of vintage goodies, bought myself some vintage goodies and the highlight for me was seeing the Overtones and Imelda May!! 

Lots of people ask me why I don't sell vintage or do something similar for a living...I often ask myself this... Well now I have my answer... I'm too lazy! It's a lot of hard work and can be quite stressful, I like my academic, nine to five with rounders at lunchtimes!! Ill stick to the buying!! :D

Here it is in pics...

 Fridays outfit.

Vintage goodies.

Saturdays outfit.

The fabulous Imelda May!! 

And finally my best bargain... Pale blue 60s mod suit in mint condition!! 

I can't wait to wear it!! Tad hot here in the UK at the mo!! 



Helga said...

I have exactly the same reason for not selling vintage!
O, gorgeous outfits, both of them! How awesome to see Imelda May live...don't imagine she'll come our way!

tubby3pug said...

Looks like vintage style heaven. I love your hair too, you are so talented at doing it

kate-the old fashioned way

Ms. Falcon said...

this festival looked lie lotta fun!
the red hell bunny two piece dress looks adorable on you.

Bohemian said...

Perhaps you could do Consultations on the side!? *winks* You look Vintage Lovely... and yes, the Buying is so much more Enjoyable than the Selling... tho' I do both now that I'm in semi-retirement and following my Bliss. Must find a way after all to fund those Buying trips now that I'm in Senior-land! *LOL*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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