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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

After a long hard day there is nothing better than escaping to blog land....

When feeling a bit stressed or frazzled I love nothing more than logging on and reading your wonderful blogs; full of beautiful dresses and baking, sewing and hair tips, good humour and refreshing honesty.

This world is far too full of fake celebrities, ridiculous pressures to be 'perfect' and down right bad news; depression unemployment etc.

Here in blogland, we laugh, we smile, we see the pleasure in the smallest things like bootsale booty, and we show ourselves as we really are; All shapes and sizes; good hair days and bad hair days; and those really brave ladies who show their faces without make up!! (I salute you!!).

So this is a GREAT, BIG, HUGE, JUMBO, GIGANTIC thank you fellow bloggers for making me laugh, making me smile and for your honesty and sharing, and for being a friend to someone you have never even met!!

And here is me in my finery from a party on Saturday... just to decorate all that text! :)