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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Faith and Fate...

I am a great believer in fate. If you have a little faith (of any kind) and try to have patience things usually have a way of working out....

Recently I have had a dilemma with my dogs.
There is a big age gap between my two dogs and my Collie is getting old and very sadly has a big tumour. It is currently not adversely affecting him but every day we have is a blessing.
Plus he is getting a bit old and grumpy; he is more keen on the sofa than country walks!

My little Jack Russell Roddy on the other hand is a little pocket rocket who loves nothing better than charging about the countryside!

So I wanted more company for Roddy and company for him for when Buddy leaves us. I would not be able face getting a dog soon after he has gone, I'd feel like I was trying to replace him.

So my partner and I have talked and ummed and aaahd, unsure what to do for the best; what breed? What size? When? A puppy? etc etc

Then fate stepped in.
We were down the pub having a leisurely Sunday afternoon pint and met a man with a dog... needing a home....

And so we have given that dog a home and now I am the proud mummy of this lovely German Shepard bitch, Effy. Shes a year old and a little treasure!

She has been passed pillar to post, and has been mistreated at some point. It makes me so sad, how could you not love this face??!!

Unless you are one of my chickens... she gave chase. They now hate her!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Bad Jojo...

I am a very lucky lady as I have been given a blog award, but I must confess this is my second award, I never did anything with the first! I am very sorry I am not ungrateful I just find the numbers you need to nominate a bit overwhelming.... But I am going to sort them both out so watch this space and watch your blog as there might be one coming your way!!

In the meantime here's Saturday nights outfit. I went for dinner and dancing for a friends birthday!

I had my fringe cut and have some Bettie Bangs...

My gorgeous little box bag which was from TK maxx!!

Gorgeous shoes but I can't remember where I got them...

Sorry very bad overall picture, I am still taking the shots in my mirror, I need to work out the timer on my camera and perhaps get a tripod! Anyway you get the idea... the wiggle dress is from Collectif
Hope you all had a love weekend!
Toodle pip xoxo