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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A lovely warm leopard.... print coat!

Firstly I am so sorry for the poor quality pictures, I took this in a hurry on my phone and the light was bad. I was too eager to share my new coat.... 

I bought this gorgeous new faux leopard fur coat today - it was an absoloute steal! Its a lovely swing shape and is so warm and fluffy!!

 Here's the dress I am wearing underneath... having a 60s day with a moderate beehive.
Back of the beehive... I roll the bottom half into a french pleat then pin curl the ends of the top half of hair so it looks prettier! There is a little rat in here to add height so I don't have to do much back combing! Trying to take care of my poor hair, it does get tugged about and coated in gunk alot!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Aretha and I....

A glass of red wine and this song on repeat is my guilty pleasure.... enjoyed when my fella is off with his rugby mates!!

Aretha you are AMAZING!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Beehives and bangs...

I go through phases of favourite do's...

At the moment I am regularly sporting a front rolled fringe, met with victory rolls and a roll at the back. This gets lots of compliments but is very easy... you just need dirty hair! :)

My other favourite do at the moment is a beehive, I have been getting it very big a la Amy Winehouse... pic to follow....

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My how time flies....

Wow where has the last month gone??!!

I have been neglecting the blog, but have been busy enjoying the summer... I have done so many things that I have meant to blog about so I will try to catch up...

So for anyone Oxfordhsire way in the UK go check out Nelsons diner

Its a lovely 50s style diner, great for a bit of nostalgic fun!

Speaking of nostalgia... here I am dancing with my Grandad. I lost him this year. He was a great man and a great dancer!! :)

 One thing I did manage to do this summer was make a dress out of the nautical fabric I showed you earlier. Sorry for terible picture its off my phone and light was bad.
Nautical but nice.... this was from a Buttericks 52 pattern. I'm going to knock it up in black next, as sadly I have now unpacked my winter wardrobe, all the pretty florals are safely tucked away till next year! :(