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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Some poor photography and some posing....

I do apologise now for my poor photography but I want to try and share more of my wonderful clothes and accessories with you.

I love my collection; I wear vintage/vintage styles everyday and favour 40's - 60's, and am a real rockabilly at heart!

I have some fab items as I have been collecting for years now and I will try to show you more.

I wear a brooch every day apart from boring cleaning days when  am in my slob gear!! lol! :) I love red lippy which I am not wearing in some of these pics as I put it on before I walk out the door and I took pics in the bedroom!

I love bright colours, lots of flowers and I don't really do subtle!!

I work alongside another Jo and they differentiate between us by referring to me as Retro Jo! :D

So here's some stuff from the last week;

 Casual outfit to go and do errands in town. My pin curls are hiding under that headscarf!

Pedal Pushers - vintage from charity shop/thrifted
Vest - Primark
Shoes - Shoe zone
Leopard Print Headscarf - vintage from eBay
Assorted bangles - vintage from various charity shops/thrift stores

This is one of my favourite brooches, a diamante double bass. Unfortunately the bling does not photograph well! This was a total bargain - £2 from a little antique store in Chepstow, Wales.

 Sunglasses - online but can't remember where from!

This is what I wore last Saturday night for my friends birthday meal.
Dress - Collectif
Belt - Primark

Shoes - New Look. They are really high! And I do love high shoes!! :D

(Minus red lippy)
Fascinator - 50p Primark sale!

This was another work outfit;

Dress - vintage from eBay
Shoes - Primark
Cardigan - Primark
Brooch - Also £2 from antique store in Chepstow! Its some type of coated metal!

 (need lippy again!!)

Another work outfit...

Hairflowers - Primark
Butterfly - Gift
Brooch - eBay
Cardigan - Primark
 After seeing Charlotte's post on dangle pins over at Tuppence Ha'penny I have been looking non stop on eBay. This is a modern one but I had to have it, being a very keen gardener!
 Shoes - New Look

Dress - Vintage from charity shop/thrift store.

I am currently wearing a 60's casual dress, my slippers, and my hair kinda resembles a birds nest! Its been a busy week and I am enjoying a lazy day!

Have a great weekend lovelies!!


Monday, March 19, 2012

Help - Hair SOS!!

I need hair advice!!!

I have grown my hair and it comes down to my chest, its one length but cut into a slight horse shoe shape at the bottom with Betty bangs. I love the length for doing fancy up do's but I am struggling with curling it now it is so much longer and heavier. I love really curly hair.
I am struggling to get any shape round the front, and having my fringe doesn't help. I don't want to cut it until after the wedding (I would consider layers but don't want to lose the length at min!)

I use all sorts of setting methods and have every curler under the sun; heated or plain rollers so can give any recommendations a go!

Do you think I need layers??

I would be very grateful if any of you lovely ladies can advise me on how to get my hair really curly with shape round the front!

I have looked at a lot of you tube vids but haven't found anything that has quite hit the spot.

This is basically what my hair is like....

 I get curl in the ends but its too flat on top....

I want more shape and wave round the front! And BIG curls like the last pic!!

All advice very gratefully received!!

ta muchly!


Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring has Sprung

I am currently in the process of packing away my winter clothes... I love the change of season...opening up my lovingly packed vacuum bags of the new seasons clothes, it is like christmas.  Saying hello to old friends and discovering treasures you had forgotten...

I also love this time of year as I can get my gardening clothes out and get really stuck in on the allotment!

My first real spring like outfit;


Monday, March 12, 2012

Tea for..... twelve... or so!!

I forgot I had these pictures....

In January I held a lovely tea party for my beautiful lady friends and some of their children... cheered up a dull month! :)


Monday, March 5, 2012

Beagle Boots and Ball launchers...

I had a very hectic weekend so it was very nice on Sunday afternoon to get a nice long dog walk... I didn't think I was going to get much chance as the morning was wet and then snowing!!, then back to wet... then finally some sunshine!

We had a good stroll and a throw of the ball!


 Boots with Beagles on from Joules
40's style turn up jeans from a Vintage fair
Ball Launcher from Pets at home ! :)

 The Snow didn't come to much - thankfully!! I am ready for spring!


Hair flowers from eBay
Polka dot scarf given to me many moons ago by a relative

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!!