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Monday, March 19, 2012

Help - Hair SOS!!

I need hair advice!!!

I have grown my hair and it comes down to my chest, its one length but cut into a slight horse shoe shape at the bottom with Betty bangs. I love the length for doing fancy up do's but I am struggling with curling it now it is so much longer and heavier. I love really curly hair.
I am struggling to get any shape round the front, and having my fringe doesn't help. I don't want to cut it until after the wedding (I would consider layers but don't want to lose the length at min!)

I use all sorts of setting methods and have every curler under the sun; heated or plain rollers so can give any recommendations a go!

Do you think I need layers??

I would be very grateful if any of you lovely ladies can advise me on how to get my hair really curly with shape round the front!

I have looked at a lot of you tube vids but haven't found anything that has quite hit the spot.

This is basically what my hair is like....

 I get curl in the ends but its too flat on top....

I want more shape and wave round the front! And BIG curls like the last pic!!

All advice very gratefully received!!

ta muchly!



Beth said...

Hello! i just discoverd your blog and i have been looking around and i think i like what i see! Now to your hair problem. I have had the exact same difficulties! I really liked my one length hair but because i didnt have any layers, it pulled it down and there was only curl at the ends. what i did was watched a youtube video where a girl cut her hair in layers just using a hairband and sissors. i tried it and cut just an itsey bitsey bit off and then did a little more a couple days later. It worked! my layers are very small but it still helps and looks like the curl stays longer because even when i brush the curl to the ends it is staggerd so you see more of it. i also liked doing such small layers because i can still braid it and wear it straight and down with out ends sticking out and looing strange. Better yet, it didnt cost me a cent and it has inproved m vintage styling a lot! So, (sorry got a little windy there) my advice would be to watch the video by user tashlentine on youtube (start with cutting just under an inch first) be cause it WILL give you the middy effect (shorter in the front and slightly longer in back) very easyly. If you like it then cut off more. If you have any quesions, feel free to e-mail me at or though my blogs. I hope this helps because its one of the best things i've ever done for my hair.
sorry for the long winded comment, have a great day!

Jojo said...

You my lovely are a star!! I am going to be brave and sit down with the scissors tomorrow!! :) Thank you!! xx

Crissy said...

I only have two layers. Very long kind and the curls get big!

You should curl your hair with a iron then wrap it around a barrel. Spray it!! Keep it in for hour(s)

I run my fingers through the curls and break them up into smaller pieces for volume.

The last photos look like large barrels for sure!