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Sunday, January 30, 2011

The next installment....

So on Saturday I spent a few hours having some more work done on my half sleeve...

The shading on her face will be a lot lighter, its a bit red and sore at the minute. The eyes will be shaded a bit more. The anchor and horseshoe will be relined so they are bolder.
The candy skull is on the inside of my arm. (To be coloured)
The swallow is on the back, this will also be coloured and some initials added to the scroll part.
So I am a bit sore today but very very happy!!
Plus the sun is shining here today - YAY!!
Hope you have all had a good weekend.
Toodle pip xoxo

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lushious lips...

I am a girl who loves to look well groomed but doesn't like to get up in the morning... therefore I am always on the look out for handy products to save me time.

I have one fantastic Mum who buys me really thoughtful presents and she knows how bad I am in the mornings so in my Christmas stocking I got this fab product 'Sally Hansen Invisible Lip Liner'.

I hate bleeding lipstick and this little gem stops that, but as it is clear you just run it round your mouth real quick, you don't need to be accurate at all. I do my make-up in approx 3-4 minutes in the morning and that includes winged eye liner and beauty spot so I save time where ever I can.

I would definitely recommend!

Woo hoo we are finally nearly out of January. I hate January, bleak, cold and poor. Roll on spring and a new floral frock!

Toodle pip xoxo

Monday, January 17, 2011

New specs...

Some funky cats eyes!A bit of geek chic!
Both pairs are from eBay.
I think glasses add character and can be quite sexy! :)
Toodle pip xoxo

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The King ain't dead...

I love Elvis and maybe it is a little blasphemous naming my Cockerel after him but he is just such a cool dude it had to be done! He hasn't quite got the voice though, he is only 7 months and he sounds like a teenager whose voice is breaking; his cock-a-doodle-doo is a little croaky!!

Our hen Greta kept popping next door (to the people who bought her for us!) as she took a shine to their bantam cockerel (half her size). We re homed our other two hens and they have always been together and Greta always seemed on the outside, so we thought a bigger flock might be the answer and purchased these two beautiful Dutch bantams. On collection we were asked if we fancied re homing a cockerel and so we gained Elvis. :)

Here are Toodle and Pip. These are the smallest chickens you can get and are about the size of small pigeons. They have been hand reared and love a cuddle. They make the cutest little noises.

So one big happy family...
hmm we are getting there.
I have spent a lot of time reading up on hens but not cockerels and began my research as Elvis was arriving. I was alarmed to find out that cockerels can be very aggressive with hens, putting them off laying and in worse cases even killing them - Uh oh!
So Elvis arrived and was giving the girls merry hell. The cockerels jump on the hens, pin their wings and bite their heads, and yes it is more of a bite than a peck.
Turns out he is a very good boy. He gives them the best food, keeps them close, alerts them to and guards them from danger.
Even our two dogs are wary of him.
I still don't like it when he lays into my hens, but he has to show he's boss and he does it to keep them safe. Even Greta our naughty hen is behaving... for now!!
Toodle Pip xoxo

Surprising style icon...

I am loving the new series of Shameless and I am very pleased to see Libby back. I love the way she has some stereotypical librarian traits... particularly her love of Wuthering Heights, but she also has a lot of passion and spirit, and loves sex! Hurrah! It makes a change from librarians being portrayed as geeky, anal and boring!!

She has a fab wardrobe with a very 40s 50s feel and she is a bit of a sex kitten. I couldn't find many pictures of her, lets hope more appear after this great series!

Toodle pip xoxo

p.s. I have two new chickens called toodle and pip... but that's another post! :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Christmas... ho ho ho

Christmas ended up rather hectic this year thanks to the weather and a few family troubles, so I have hardly taken any pictures,but it all came together in the end and I had a wonderful family focused Christmas.

I actually cooked the Christmas dinner this year, my first one ever, quite a rite of passage! We had a Royal Roast, made up of Turkey, Duck and Chicken. It was delicious. Our local butcher is a star and the birds were top notch! I did a good job, even if I do say so myself, the only mistake I made is the parsnips were a bit burnt on the ends... oops!! :)

We decided on a real tree and bought it from a man locally who has some spare land at the back of his house and uses it to grow a few Christmas trees, how lovely is that!!
As it was our first Christmas in our new place we got a bit excited and a bit carried away... we measured height but didn't really think about circumference... the tree was a bit of a monster, the picture doesn't really do it justice!!
The dogs kept running round it and sending the baubles flying! It looked lovely though and I think I should get a prize for squeezing on most baubles!!

I made a lovely feature of our vintage sideboard... lots of candles. It was lovely to cuddle up in the warm after the snow with all the candles lit!
I'd like more vintage decorations next year, but it was a bit of a tight budget this year. I can't believe what great things I found in our local 99p store!! It never ceases to amaze me what you can find in there!
My lovely fella bought me these gorgeous sparkly shoes and he gave them to me early so I could get lots of use out of them over the festive period! They are so comfy and I even danced the night away in them to see in the new year!

My guilty pleasure... My nan always serves up a baycham with a cocktail cherry in it for Christmas. I just adore how kitsch this is and dare I admit it I quite like the sweet sickly bubbles... I am now lucky enough to own some proper babycham glasses and i did indulge in one or two.... I did have some Moet on Christmas day so I hope I have redeemed myself and you don't have me down as a Lambrini girl :P !!
I got absolutely spoiled rotten (as usual, I am a lucky lady!) My lovely fella also got me a new sewing machine so I am looking forward to lots more dress making on it!
I also was given Fleur's gorgeous charity calendar, so if you need to organise yourself in 2011 I definitely recommend
My mum also got me a new fab product which I will share in another post...
I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and here's to a fab, fun filled and very vintage new year!! I raise a glass of babycham to you all!
Toodle Pip

Happy New Year!!

So this is a little behind...

I rarely make new years resolutions, if I ever feel I am getting in a bit of a funk or rut I like to write myself a little 'to do' list of what I am going to do to get out of it, from small things like try a new hair style to major things like change jobs... hey I'm a librarian - I love lists!! But I do these at any time I feel a bit fed, but I decided this year I would make one; which is to properly embrace my blog and get some more of my random thoughts and activities on here. I love the blog world and find all the pictures and chat from my fellow vintage lovers SO inspiring. Often I turn to fellow bloggers for a bit of inspiration when I am in said funk or rut!

So anyway I was all set to do my post at the beginning of the year and then I got a nasty sickness bug... yuk yuk yuk!!
So I am a bit late getting started but was over the moon to log on and have new followers and comments, thank you!! What a lovely start to the year!

So here's some stuff I have been up to...

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

So the snow we had here in the UK hit us quite hard (we are a bit wimpy when it comes to extreme weather, we are used to mild weather and rain, lol!) I moved house in April and now live up a BIG hill... it looked beautiful but we had to park cars at the bottom and walk up and down for a few days... phewee hard work!

Our garden...we have been diligently feeding the birds and we are very lucky because we live in a very rural, wooded area and we have been getting lots of visitors. We have seen lots of variety of tits and Finch's, a little robin, a nuthatch and even a woodpecker!! My very 'cool/macho' boyfriend (sorry fiance) has been at the window non-stop with the bird book! (It's quite adorable but don't tell him I said that! :P )

Also the chickens hate the bigger birds and chase them off (too greedy to share) so we get spoiled by lots of pretty little ones, often 15 or so at a time! We even saw a couple of little mice darting about in the ivy, we don't see them when there's no snow, too well hidden!

The chickens were not quite sure what to make of it all, but my lovely ladies have still been giving us eggs!! Good girls!!

Out enjoying the snow... note only one dog (Roddy) came to play... Buddy ate a bit of snow then decided he would rather stay on the sofa!!

Hope you all had fun and were safe in the snow!!