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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Christmas... ho ho ho

Christmas ended up rather hectic this year thanks to the weather and a few family troubles, so I have hardly taken any pictures,but it all came together in the end and I had a wonderful family focused Christmas.

I actually cooked the Christmas dinner this year, my first one ever, quite a rite of passage! We had a Royal Roast, made up of Turkey, Duck and Chicken. It was delicious. Our local butcher is a star and the birds were top notch! I did a good job, even if I do say so myself, the only mistake I made is the parsnips were a bit burnt on the ends... oops!! :)

We decided on a real tree and bought it from a man locally who has some spare land at the back of his house and uses it to grow a few Christmas trees, how lovely is that!!
As it was our first Christmas in our new place we got a bit excited and a bit carried away... we measured height but didn't really think about circumference... the tree was a bit of a monster, the picture doesn't really do it justice!!
The dogs kept running round it and sending the baubles flying! It looked lovely though and I think I should get a prize for squeezing on most baubles!!

I made a lovely feature of our vintage sideboard... lots of candles. It was lovely to cuddle up in the warm after the snow with all the candles lit!
I'd like more vintage decorations next year, but it was a bit of a tight budget this year. I can't believe what great things I found in our local 99p store!! It never ceases to amaze me what you can find in there!
My lovely fella bought me these gorgeous sparkly shoes and he gave them to me early so I could get lots of use out of them over the festive period! They are so comfy and I even danced the night away in them to see in the new year!

My guilty pleasure... My nan always serves up a baycham with a cocktail cherry in it for Christmas. I just adore how kitsch this is and dare I admit it I quite like the sweet sickly bubbles... I am now lucky enough to own some proper babycham glasses and i did indulge in one or two.... I did have some Moet on Christmas day so I hope I have redeemed myself and you don't have me down as a Lambrini girl :P !!
I got absolutely spoiled rotten (as usual, I am a lucky lady!) My lovely fella also got me a new sewing machine so I am looking forward to lots more dress making on it!
I also was given Fleur's gorgeous charity calendar, so if you need to organise yourself in 2011 I definitely recommend
My mum also got me a new fab product which I will share in another post...
I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and here's to a fab, fun filled and very vintage new year!! I raise a glass of babycham to you all!
Toodle Pip


Perdita said...

Love that sideboard! Very fabulous!

I prefer perry to champagne, actually. Although it tends to be organic-suffolk-perry-from-waitrose not Babycham, I see nothing wrong with rocking out with the little deer now and again!

Tallulah May Vintage Socialite. said...

Christmas is all about serving up a baycham with a cocktail cherry in it a true vinatge gals tippel and in orginal glassess how wonderful.

I too was treated to The War on the Line Charity calender from The watercress line featuring the lovely Fluer.