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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

So the snow we had here in the UK hit us quite hard (we are a bit wimpy when it comes to extreme weather, we are used to mild weather and rain, lol!) I moved house in April and now live up a BIG hill... it looked beautiful but we had to park cars at the bottom and walk up and down for a few days... phewee hard work!

Our garden...we have been diligently feeding the birds and we are very lucky because we live in a very rural, wooded area and we have been getting lots of visitors. We have seen lots of variety of tits and Finch's, a little robin, a nuthatch and even a woodpecker!! My very 'cool/macho' boyfriend (sorry fiance) has been at the window non-stop with the bird book! (It's quite adorable but don't tell him I said that! :P )

Also the chickens hate the bigger birds and chase them off (too greedy to share) so we get spoiled by lots of pretty little ones, often 15 or so at a time! We even saw a couple of little mice darting about in the ivy, we don't see them when there's no snow, too well hidden!

The chickens were not quite sure what to make of it all, but my lovely ladies have still been giving us eggs!! Good girls!!

Out enjoying the snow... note only one dog (Roddy) came to play... Buddy ate a bit of snow then decided he would rather stay on the sofa!!

Hope you all had fun and were safe in the snow!!


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