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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Surprising style icon...

I am loving the new series of Shameless and I am very pleased to see Libby back. I love the way she has some stereotypical librarian traits... particularly her love of Wuthering Heights, but she also has a lot of passion and spirit, and loves sex! Hurrah! It makes a change from librarians being portrayed as geeky, anal and boring!!

She has a fab wardrobe with a very 40s 50s feel and she is a bit of a sex kitten. I couldn't find many pictures of her, lets hope more appear after this great series!

Toodle pip xoxo

p.s. I have two new chickens called toodle and pip... but that's another post! :)

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Lina Sofia said...

haha! I loved seeing this, because I made almost the same exact post a while ago on my blog! And the very next episode after I did that, was the one where she went all chav in a tracksuit! :D

ps. just found your blog, it's lovely!

x Lina