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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lushious lips...

I am a girl who loves to look well groomed but doesn't like to get up in the morning... therefore I am always on the look out for handy products to save me time.

I have one fantastic Mum who buys me really thoughtful presents and she knows how bad I am in the mornings so in my Christmas stocking I got this fab product 'Sally Hansen Invisible Lip Liner'.

I hate bleeding lipstick and this little gem stops that, but as it is clear you just run it round your mouth real quick, you don't need to be accurate at all. I do my make-up in approx 3-4 minutes in the morning and that includes winged eye liner and beauty spot so I save time where ever I can.

I would definitely recommend!

Woo hoo we are finally nearly out of January. I hate January, bleak, cold and poor. Roll on spring and a new floral frock!

Toodle pip xoxo

1 comment:

Lady Cherry said...

3-4 minutes..I can do it in 10 and I thought I was I think we need a tutorial missy! x