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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Itsy, Bitsy....

Teenie weenie.... Hens!!

Friday the 13th was a very unlucky day. One of our little bantam hens did not come home and our neighbour found her dead in her garden... its only a hen but we were rather heartbroken! :(

We were very worried about the little one left getting bullied by the big ones, so on Sunday my lovely beau took me to choose another bantam to keep her company.

We were only getting one...

Then we spotted a lovely little trio... 2 hens and a cockerel. We were offered the hens and the cock would have gone to the pot... well, we couldn't do it! So we took the little trio and set off to find another hen house as you can't have two men living together, Typical, huh!! ;P


Clint, Itsy and Bitsy;


 And here's Clint. The cockerels always fight to work out who is boss and one must back down and walk away. Despite being about a third of the size of Elvis, Clint had a good ol' go... But Elvis is still the King!!

No chickens were harmed during this photography... well there was some blood but they are both fine now!!

Hope you didn't suffer any ill luck on the 13th!!

Ta ta for now xx


Scarlett Fontaine said...

I love that you have a cockrel called Elvis!! Scarlett x

Tallulah May Vintage Socialite. said...

Lovely to hear about you and your lovely chicken ones again.
Out of sadness game gladness Itsy, Bitsy and Clint are three of the luckiest chickens, with brilliant names and are just so cute.
Well done Clint for standing his ground against Elvis.