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Monday, July 4, 2011

On a Nessy hunt....

OK so we went to Loch Lomond in Scotland, Not Loch Ness so there wasn't much chance of finding Nessy, unless she was on her hols too!!

I did however manage to have a wonderful holiday, and only one rainy day!! I also managed to raid a whole load of Scottish charity shops. My mum and I can't help it, we are addicts!

We also managed to consume a whole lot of amazing grub, so its salad and exercise for me this week!!

I actually hate this picture.... I hate most pics of me, I have a camera phobia. But I love looking at pics of other people and their outfits best, so thought I should occasionally contribute! We are waiting for the ferry! :)

Hope your all enjoying equally fab hols!!

Toodle-oo xx


Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I hate photos of me too, but am trying to be braver about it too. It's not a bad photo at all - your hair looks amazing. I'd love to go Scotland - have still never been, which is ridiculous considering it's in the UK!

Jojo said...

Thanks Lakota :)
We must get over our photo phobias!!

The hair is just chucked up in a big bun with a hair doughnut and add a scarf. My lazy do for when I can't be bothered. It was hot too, so wanted it out of the way.

I have just found hair doughnuts in Primark for £1 - £3.50 was cheapest I had found before that. Def give one a go! :) xx

Lina Sofia said...

I can't imagine why you would hate that picture.. you look great! Really pretty in fact :) x