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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

So what becomes of the broken hearted...???

They sit on draft blog posts that’s what.

So here's for my complicated tale of woe...

I got a lovely gift from Joy of alex drake vintage...

I got a lovely gift from my fella....

I started drafting a post about the two.

THEN, disaster struck and I became a little heart broken; then rather despondent and quickly sunk into a pit of despair... Soooo that post never got published. I couldn't bear to look at it again so I have deleted it and started again.

So firstly.... it was not Joy who broke my heart. She cheered me up immensely with her lovely gifts sent from over the sea as part of the ‘charity shop swap’ courtesy of Lakota of Faith, Hope and Charity Shopping.

Joy sent me this beautiful handmade cushion (which will eventually join my fellas gift!!)

This beautiful jumper which is so christmassy! I wasn't wearing it with the skirt, I just like to put it on when I get home for snuggling up on the sofa!

And this lovely ring. Its very unusual and has a stretch strap which is so handy as I can put it on over the rings that I wear all the time. The photo doesn't do the colour justice!

So thank you so much Joy.... sorry it took so long. And Thank you Lakota for arranging such fun!! :)

SO, who, I hear you cry, broke my heart???

Well, this little lady did!!

This is Bluebell, my 1965 Hillman Superminx. She was purchased by her first owner on 13th July 1965.

My fab fella bought her for me for my birthday - the 13th July... its fate, it’s meant to be!

Well poor old Bluebell died as my fella was driving her home and she has been dead ever since and is currently wrapped up in a car cover on the drive.

Turns out the ebay seller is a complete **%$%*!!!! He blagged us rather a bit, but that’s not what got her. Sadly time caught up with her and she now has a hole in the engine where a hole should definitely not be. We are trying to find another engine to fix her but so far we have not found the right one within our budget.

So sadly she sits and waits; I am yet to drive her.

We will fix her though as I want to use her for the wedding next year!

Get well soon Bluebell!


Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Phew, sorry to hear about Bluebell but I was worried your man had broken your heart there for a minute! Great gifts from Joy to keep you going til she's back on the road though x

Lady Cherry said...

I thought that as well! What a beauty of a car x

Scarlett said...

Awww noooo poor bluebell! I hope she is fixed soon, shes a beaut! Lovely swap goodies :o) Scarlett x

Joy said...

OMG! I love your Hillman! Not many of them survived. I will get my contacts (hubby is a motoring journo) and see if I can help. Bluebell is a true beauty! Love the story about fate.
Thanks again for this post. Glad you're using the jumper from Bologna :)
Joy x