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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!!

I have had a lovely lazy christmas... lots of sleep, food and country walks. Calm before the storm... it's the year of my wedding and its going to be go go go!!

We even stayed in for new year - Jools Holland with Imelda May and Caro Emerald- it was far more appealing than the local bars where drinks are a fortunate and your surrounded by teenagers! Eeek I'm getting old!

I hope you all had a good one and here's to 2012 - may it be a great year for all!!! :)

Can't beat brightly coloured baubles!!

The poor tree looking rather lopsided - with three dogs charging around it got a little battered!

My beautiful girl Effy - her first christmas with us after rehoming her and she was so well behaved. We are very proud of her! My parents and my brother stayed all week and we had lots of people in and out and it didn't phase her!
Some of my presents; I got spoilt rotten!

Reading to do!

Found time for a little charity shop rummage and got these little beauties. I normally go for dogs but these were so sweet and a bargain at £2.

I bought this little fella off of eBay - a little gift to myself!

An amazing present from my workmate - a boy - didn't he do well!!
All three owls were also found in the charity shop - the large brown one has Jo written on the bottom - it was meant to be!

Effy having a cuddle with her Daddy - vicious loking isn't she!! ;P

New Years Resolution - blog more - think that was the same as last year!! oops!


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leonie fanning said...

oh my god what a beautiful dog, she is amazing i love german shepherds, my brother has one named flounder, dont ask,his kids naned him after some fish from the little mermaid, they are fabuloud dogs, my little bichon gives him a hard time when im up there its so funny to see the little ball of white fluff giving out to this huge creature, but he is always so tame and loveable. leonie