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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How much chocolate did you eat??

I have just had a very tough Zumba session to make up for all the naughty treats I had at the weekend! :) I am not really a chocolate kind of girl (yes we do exist!!!) but I made up for it with plenty of pringles, pub lunches, wine and G&T's! :)

I hope you all had a great weekend! :)

I spent a lot of the weekend in slob gear as we have been doing a lot in the garden in between rain showers... but that's for another blog post. On Sunday however we did go for lovely pub grub and then went out with friends in the evening. These shots are a slight improvement on my usual dodgy in the mirror shots. My fella has a new phone with a good camera on it so is now my official photographer... I am not sure how long it will last we do tend to argue about what makes a good shot!!

I promise I am a very happy cheerful lady despite my miserable face in these shots!

 Lunchtime Outfit;

Dress - Vintage from eBay
Cardigan - hmm can't remember ... a sale somewhere... maybe Next
Bag - Vintage from charity shop
Shoes - poetic license (£10 brand new from eBay - the ebay gods were smiling on me that day!!)
I also have my 'I love Gardening' dangle pin on
You can't see too clearly but I have vintage black and red chiffon scarves wound together and tied in my hair topped off with a cherry clip - all eBay!

Evening Outfit;

Dress - eBay shop but can't remember who
Shoes - a gift - they are from New look
Bag (this has a cute fish on the front - not such a good photographer is he?! :P ) - eBay
Hair is the same.

We also got a 'new' (for us - actually a freebie from friends) sofa! It's a bit too comfy, we should have got more done than we did but it is so snuggly and we fit on with all three dogs. The dogs are very pleased with it!

(See that hideous stack of plastic bags on the left; they aren't usually there but they contain loads of beautiful vintage crockery and glassware ready for my wedding day - eeep exciting!!)

Off to enjoy more time on said sofa!



Beth said...

Uh, yes i ate too much. I'm not exactly a chocolate gal eather by i definatly ate my share of it and it reminded me why i dont. I really like your outfits you seem to have a nack for putting together great ones! oh yea and i love your new couch. did you make the blankets on it? i too think of things 'new' when they're only new to me. when are you getting married? Have a great day with your dogs and your couch!

Perdita said...

Love those outfits! I never seem to smile in outfit posts, either. I should get people to snap me unawares haha!

Nice sofa too. Looks very comfy!

Scarlett said...

I ate far too much, keeping meaning to give zumba a try but im not great with the 'sweating' part lol. You look fabulous in both outfits :o) Scarlett x

leonie fanning said...

Oh jojo i so envy ur little tiny waist dresses look fab on u.ur photos are great i have no one to take mine so im always taking crap ones my husband to busy listening to his reggae music nothing takes him away from that. My eight year old neice has been takin some for me recently. Bless her.hope the wedding plans goin well u will make a beautiful bride love and kisses from Dublin xx Leo.