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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year lovely bloglanders! :)

I am absolutely knackered!!

 I had a fab Christmas but it was a tad busy... we had family stay for most of the week and had other visitors or went visiting every day! Lovely to have so many close friends and family but it is a bit tiring!
The build up took took me ages too; I did dinner for 5 of us and it took a while to buy and wrap all the presents (I do get very spoilt in return... shallow I know but boy do I love presents!!).

So I am a very rare one in that I love January... Peace and quiet and time to rest! :D

Feeling Festive....

Spoilt Rotten...

25p Retro Angel found in the charity whilst mooching after xmas :)

Hope you all had a fantastic time 


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