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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sorry, sorry, sorry!!

I started this blog and have then been really bad at posts!! In my defence I have sadly been made redundant from a job I loved and it was a bit of a blow... but onwards and upwards!!

So on a happy note, here's that post I promised about those chickens...

September 2010 we re homed two chickens, one white, one brown. We then received a third as an engagement present!! The best present ever! Our new chook is named Greta, she is the supermodel of chickens so required a glamorous name.

We got the chickens as I wanted to be that bit more self-sufficient and I love having animals around. I totally underestimated how wonderful these birds are. They have given us hours of entertainment and each has their very own distinct personality.

Vera the little brown hen is the boss. She leads the other chickens and bosses them, and us, about! She gets the best bits of food first and she gently pecks our feet to remind us if we haven't given her a treat for a bit!

Lynn the white hen is the chilled out one. She loves to sunbathe and survey the world perched on the top of my partners bike.

Greta is a stunner. She's a lovely grey/blue fluffy hen. She gets a little bullied as she is new to the group. She's the explorer and loves to hop over the fence for an adventure!

We have a large run for the hens which is all enclosed. We keep them in there when we are not in, to keep them safe from predators. When we are home they are loose in the garden.

It has taken a little time for the dogs to get used to sharing their garden with them but we are becoming quite a happy little family now.

Chickens require very little care but give back so much... and the eggs are just wonderful!!

p.s. please ignore the date stamp - it's still wrong!!


Lauren said...

Sorry to hear about the job - hope you find something good soon.
Your chickens look lovely, and I adore that house! I've often thought about keeping chickens myself, though they'd be part of the family before too long!

Jojo said...

Thank you lauren! Luckily I have a nice christmas job with some lovely people and hopefully something good will come up in the new year.

I would definitely recommend chickens - even after the worse days coming home to my animals makes me smile! They really are entertaining and the eggs are definitely superior!! :)

Ginger said...
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Ginger said...

Nothing better than fresh eggs for all your baking and cooking needs. I kept chickens as a child and young teen and really hope to do so again, they are so wonderful, as you know!

By the way, I've left you an award at my blog, stop over and see

Jojo said...

Thank you!! Thats really great. Put a big smile on my face! I'll have a think and re-post with my 10! :)

Tallulah May said...

As a child we had a chicken and she was the best, pecked on the back door to come in and sat in the kitchen in the dog basket with the two dogs clucking away.
There is nothing like caring for animals to put life into order,good luck with the job hunting.

Jojo said...

I completely agree, what ever happens my animals make me smile!

What an amazing chicken, they are so smart, I definitely underestimated chickens until we started keeping them!

As I write I have a naughty little dog trying to climb on the lap top... he doesn't like things that take my attention away from him!! xoxo