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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Some things that are making me smile...

A little cocktail hat I made... you can't beat bows or cherries!!

Good hair days - My hair is finally a good length. I cut it very short over two years ago; my hair is so slow to grow!
My new stole. I hope I don't offend anyone with this as it is real fur. I would like to clarify that I do not advocate killing animals for fur and take animal welfare very seriously. I agonised over vintage fur for a long time; my personal view is that in the 40's (date of my stole) things were different, fur was acceptable. I can't change that. I would rather wear this piece of history than let it go to waste. I have modern fur - ALL FAKE!!
Winter clothes!!
Pussy bow blouse - charity/thrift shop
Stole - Ebay
Wool skirt - jumble sale
Belt - charity/thrift shop
Shoes - primark (I do like modern shoes. I love vintage shoes but find it hard to find my size and often don't like how scruffy they are! I like things neat and coordinated; I'm a librarian!!)
Flying Ducks - I have a mid-century modern style in my living room and it would not be complete with out flying ducks! The ducks were from
I am a very lucky lady as I have a dressing room. Here are my autumn/winter clothes... needs a bit of a tidy!!
What's making you smile today?? :)


Tallulah May said...

I have quiet a few vintage furs, stoles, capes, collars and muffs some of which I have had for years and some brought more recently each is a piece of history therefore I for one have no problem with you wearing your lovely vintage fur stole it should be worn, and you look so lovely in it.

Perdita said...

Lovely outfit and amazingly neat clothing rail- I wouldn't DARE photograph mine, it would crack the camera lens!

Jojo said...

Thank you lovely ladies!!

The picture was taken at a good angle, my dressing room is a mess, I never seem to keep on top of my laundry and keeping it all organised!