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Monday, June 6, 2011

Confessions of a Vintage Loving Librarian...

I am an extremely organised, list writing, colour coordinating labels, files and folder loving librarian. But I have a deep dark secret... there is a little part of my life which regularly descends into chaos... I just can't seem to keep it organised...

Welcome to my Powder Room...


I am a very lucky girl who is fortunate enough to have a whole room for all my lovely clothes and shoes and little vintage knick knacks. But despite having a very large room I still can't seem to fit it all in... at the start of the year I was a little stressed and it all started to go a little downhill...



After nearly breaking my neck wading through the mountains of stuff  I decided enough was enough and got doing some serious sorting. I have now got a room which is almost tidy and I can actually get dressed in there now! Its lovely to be able to find things again! :)

I still need to work out better shoe storage, at the moment they are in the hideous green tubs! But I am getting there.

Welcome to the Vintage Loving Librarians Dressing/Powder Room....

 Spring/Summer clothes on the rails, autumn/winter are vac packed and safely tucked away!
 Art Deco dressing table.
 Vase of hair flowers.
 Lots and lots of lovely vintage bags.
 Hats, hats, hats!
 Knick knack shelf.
 Vintage suitcases full of accessories.
 HIDEOUS green boxes but full of BEAUTIFUL shoes!
Drawers and vintage radio.

All this is stopped off with lots and lots of Audrey Hepburn pictures and one of Marilyn!

I just have a small mountain of stuff to list on Ebay now! :)

Well that's Monday done - Hoorah!

Have a lovely week! xx


Miss Rosette Brune said...

wow what a collection,
love your hats

Nicole Needles said...

So lucky to have a whole room for your stuff1 Organisation can be over rated - when I organise, I can never find anything...

Joy said...

Hi Jojo.
Wow! Impressive collection :)
Looking forward to our charity swap. I've just sent you a message and have used my friend's laptop, who was currently signed in as her (so you might get her profile name Anna, but that's me actually).

Have a great week.

Joy x

Tallulah May Vintage Socialite. said...

Oh you are a luck gal to have a whole room just for your cloths and things, what a collection well worth the effort of orgaising it all I bet you found things you had forgotten you had.