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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Do you want to make a monster??

OK, so I am not the best seamstress and I am feeling lazy so I will leave all the instructions to the wonderful people at the links below;

But by having a little read through the above  I decided to make a little monster for my friend as a Christmas present; What do you get for the man who has everything ?- nothing - you make him a monster!!

This was soooo much fun and a great way of using up leftover fabric, buttons etc.

This fellow has been a great hit with those I have shown him too so it looks like a few more little monsters will be emerging from my sewing box!!

Thoroughly recommended activity - easy fun and great results! :) I bet it would be great to do with children on rainy days!

Poor little monster looks a little flat as I  give him a face...

Ah that's better! He has bandages as he is a clumsy monster for my clumsy friend. He also has a bow tie as he is a little bit retro too! :)

I also provided a box of monster food (aka maltesers!!)



1 comment:

Joy said...

He looks lovely and looks a bit like our pooch. Maybe one day i shall give it a go.
Hope you have a lovely Christmas and New year!

Joy xx