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Friday, October 5, 2012

Knitted bows on shoes and Bouffants!!

Yesterday I attempted  a 60s Bouffant - the picture doesn't really do it justice. I had quite a lot of height in the back that doesn't really show.. My curls weren't very good as I forgot to put setting lotion in and did rather lazy pin curls. I will try harder next time! :)

Hair Inspiration! :)

Today I am wearing these AMAZEBALLS shoes from irregular choice. I have had a few things going on of late which have left me feeling a bit down in the dumps... Hubby surprised me with these to cheer me up!

He's rubbish at cleaning and cooking but he's a sweetie!! ;)

Thats a knitted bow on the front!! :D

Have a lovely weekend all!!



1 comment:

Adele said...

Those shoes are to die for!
Your hair is lovely too - don't put yourself down! Gorgeous curls :)
Also (this may seem strange) but I feel like we look quite similar... Is it just me that sees that? Haha!