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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sunshine on a rainy day...


So I have been a little down in the dumps. Too much work and not enough play at the minute, topped off with lots of grey wet days and a stomach bug.

So this weekend I injected a little sunshine into my life...

Dress: 1950's shirtwaister from eBay. This is a lovely Orange, Yellow and Grey check. Back to my bad photography as my fella was on his stag do (he now has no hair, eyebrows or voice!!)
Fur trimmed rain boots - Jumble sale
Floral belt: New Look
Necklaces - Jumble sale

Here's a better shot of the pattern. I am so in love with this dress! So summery and comfortable. I struggle to get shirtwaisters that are broad enough in the back but small enough in the waist.

Necklaces were 50p each from jumble sale, I may have bought a few hehe!

Little poodle was a present from my lovely mum!

Here is my new (for me, not quite sure of age) rain boots. They are brown but look darker in this pic. They have a lovely fur trim; practical and pretty! :) £3 from jumble sale. I could not pay fast enough. I have been looking for posh rain boots for soooo long!!

Well here's a little mug shot.
I had forgotten that my lovely friend who is now a carer had trained to be a hairdresser originally. In exchange for some Mexican grub she cut some layers in my hair and I have nice curls again! :) I couldn't quite pluck up the courage to cut them myself.

 Here's me then having to cover up to go and face gale force winds and rain!

Headscarf: Vintage from eBay
Coat: Vintage from eBay

And here's a lovely tablecloth and crochet mat I got from jumble sale. Topped off with summery Elvis mats and yellow roses.

So I had a little colour in a very grey weekend.

Hope you are all well! Welcome new followers, there have been a few lately so ahoy, welcome aboard. I hope you enjoy my ramblings and poor photography, haha!

ttfn xx


Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Lovely dress and well done for managing to wear it during this recent crappy weather - I'm still in my thick tights though!

Beth said...

oh how cute! your hair looks wonderful and i love yellow dresses! here in Kansas in the USA we are having 90 degree weather so you are so lucky. i feel like i've been cheated out of winter this year but it has been giving me a chance to sew lots of pretty summer dresses!