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Monday, August 13, 2012

Saturday night... off to twist the night away!

So here I am in my new dress off to watch a band...

I didn't look so glam at 3am eating a doner kebab!!! hehe!

Apologies for the miserable face, I was smiling but my fella takes so bloody long taking a picture, I got face ache!

*Original 50s dress from etsy (It has little white polka dots on it)
*shoes £10 in a new look sale :)

*Wicker basket from ebay
*hair flower somewhere along the way, I have so many I can't remember them all!
*My 1965 Hillman Superminx called Bluebell!!



Jessica Cangiano said...

That dress is such a soft, beautiful shade of purple. One really doesn't encounter it (these days) in clothes much any more, but gorgeous outfits like this really prove that it's due for a comeback.

♥ Jessica

leonie fanning said...

oh jojo u look stunning in your fabulous dress i love that about the donor kebab at 3am. god i was a right sight the other night myself but we were celebrating we got 3 days of sunshine so we all went totally bananas!!! u know us Irish for the sessions. anyway Im so jealous of ur amazing car my dear departed dad adored classic and vintage cars so i grew up going to every rally and show there was annd i always admired and still do there utter splendor and beauty the design that went into them not like todays mass produced things wit no sense of style. iv my eye on a figaro its going cheap and Im broke so the vintage Austin Martin will have to wait. kisses from Dublin xx leonie.

Jojo (VintageLovingLibrarianIn6InchHeels) said...

Its my first lilac dress, I wasn't sure if it would suit me, but I love it!

Hehe I'm very ladylike at the start of the evening but at the end I just have to have junk food! :) My fella is Scottish and they also love a good sesh, I def can't keep up, lol!!

Oooh good luck with the car. I do love Bluebell but my everyday drive is a boring little peugot. Unfortunately Bluebell isnt always the most reliable little lady. But we have had lots of work done this summer so she should be much much better now! :D


wardrobeexperience said...

this dress is awesome ... nobody looks glam having döner in the middle of the night ... :))))