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Monday, August 20, 2012

Hot and happy after a photoshoot in the big smoke...

So I have expressed on this blog my general dislike for having my photo taken. Something I am trying to get over... I am generally body confident and happy with how I look and I encourage all friends, family, random people I meet to express themselves how they want to with clothes etc and feel equally confident! I am a very firm believer that we come in all shapes and sizes and this should be celebrated!! ... so why am I over critical of my own pics??

Anyways, being in the spotlight for the wedding has forced me to get over it a bit but then I put myself forward for a project involving a proper photo shoot and was selected to participate... I went to London and completed said photo shoot today. I am not allowed to give any details at this stage but of course I will bore you with the pics when they arrive!! ;)

I apologise for these pics my hair and make-up was a little dishevelled at this point!

I thoroughly enjoyed getting my make-up done by a professional and they left my hair as it was as they liked the way I had done it!! #smugface :D

The only downside of the day was the heat... boy was it hot hot hot! we are finally getting a bit of summer in the UK.

I couldn't wait to strip down to my lovely vintage 50s slip! 50p jumble sale bargain1

I also came home to my new radio!!  Yay! Its just a cheap replica but its very cute. Its to leave on for our German Shepherd when we are out - she suffers from separation anxiety and tends to chew!

This little man has been enjoying the sun! :D

Hope you've all had a good day, my Mondays are not usually this good!



wardrobeexperience said...

love your new radio ... aaaaaand i can't wait to get bored by your pic from the photoshoot. they will be amazing, for sure.

leonie fanning said...

oh jojo good for you doing the shoot, im exactly the same, i have so many insecurities about my body (fecking breast cancer did destroy it though) but i still hate my teeth and never smile in my photos, but wow girl you look amazing in that slip you have a great figure, cant wait to see the photo shoot photos, big love from a sunny dublin (imagine summer arrived at last) xx leonie

Mary Lou said...

i just came across your blog darling oh and i adore your style!!! your eyes are soooo beautiful! and i want a radio like that!
well you can see you have a new fan here;)
love and kiss,mary

Ted Juhl said...

“I am a very firm believer that we come in all shapes and sizes and this should be celebrated!” – Yes, Jojo, that is very encouraging. We should be proud of our body regardless of our size. Dress up like a supermodel and feel good about it. Who cares what others would think. We’re all different in our own ways, and that what’s makes us special. You rocked that vintage slip, by the way. I’m looking forward to seeing more great posts!

Ted Juhl