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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What I wore in January...

Sorry photo overload time.... but here's some outfits from January...

Vintage 6o's wiggle dress - eBay
Cockerel Brooch - eBay
Leopard print shoes - H&M

AAAAAHHH! Scary make-up free face, haha! Thought I'd show you the not so glam side... PJ's and a hair net :)

80's does 40's coat - Jumble Sale
Scarf - a gift
Handmade mittens - charity shop
AMAZING strawberry hat - a Christmas present from my equally amazing mum!!

Vintage dress 70's I think... - eBay
Vintage chiffon headscarf - eBay
Vintage cardi - charity shop

60's wool dress - charity shop
Scarf - a gift
Wool Beret - eBay

60's coat - eBay
Beret - as above
Vintage specs - Dead Mens Spex
Vintage gloves - charity shop
Retro style rain boots - jumble sale

STUPID pose... apologies, but wanted to show the hair!

Dress F&F Tesco - via charity shop
H&M cardigan - via charity shop
Vintage brooch - can't remember... antique store I think!
Irregular Choice shoes - gift from hubby... I have the matching bag but forget to grab a pic! 

Vintage dress... a dodgy 90's number but done up retro style I love it!! - ebay (£5 inc postage!!! bargain!)
Shoes - New Look
Vintage Brooch - present from Mum 

70's/80's does 40's dress - ebay
Snood - ebay
50's sweater guard - ebay

Tesco dress and new look shoes as above...
50's brooch - antique shop
60's clip on's - who knows where!

50's jumper (with gorgeous beaded back detail) - one of my best charity shop finds!!
Skirt - handmade by me (I even made the pattern *smug face*)
Shoes - primarni :)

Modern skirt and top - both from the jumble sale - 50p each! :)
Brooch - eBay
Specs as above.
Vintage bag - charity shop... I have an amazing bag collection and will try and post more pics!
My gorgeous new vintage, Italian leather, rabbit fur boots. Finally some attractive and sensible footwear! 

So that's some stuff from January....

I would like to just add I really am not much of a fan of black tights and think they do kinda spoil the look of outfits ... but it has been freezing... I can't live without my 120 deniers!!



Adele said...

I am so in love with your hair!
And those boots in the last look - wow! Been looking for boots like these for a long time.
Gorgeous as usual :) x

wardrobeexperience said...

gorgeous outfits and breath taking hair dos! you look adorable in every single outfit.